Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)

We are specialized in the field of Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. The company offers Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) which is commonly known as Epsom salts. This chemical compound is encountered as heptahydrate MgSO4.7H2O and is extensively used as a drying agent in various industries. In addition to this, our Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) finds its application in agriculture and gardening to correct magnesium deficiency in soil as well. Avail from us the Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) at very affordable prices.

Applied To :

  • Agriculture
  • Vegetables & Flowers Farming
  • Gardening
  • Potted plants
  • Magnesium-hungry crops
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry


Applications :

  • Organic Industry
  • Feeds

Packaging Details :

  • 25/50 Kg PP/HDPE bags with inner liner


Soluble Crystals MgSO4.7H2O
Assay 99.0%
Insoluble Matter 0.001%
Magnesium as Mg 9.60%
MgO Content 16.2%
Chloride as Cl 300 PPM
Calcium as Ca 200 PPM
Iron as Fe 20 PPM
Lead as Pb 2 PPM
Arsenic as As 2 PPM
Solubility in H2O at 20oC 25.5g/100 ml
pH of 10% solution at 20oC 7
Density 2.66g/ml (solution)