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Calcium Chloride Fused

We have positioned ourselves as one of the prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier, based in India. The company provides Calcium Chloride Fused of unmatched quality. Calcium Chloride (Fused) offered by us is a chemical compound that is crystalline, lumpy or flaky is usually white and is very soluble in water. It is a salt that is solid at room temperature, and it behaves as a typical ionic halide. Our Calcium Chloride (Fused) is an anhydrous compound that is hygroscopic and rapidly absorbs water. Commonly used to dry gases, the Calcium Chloride (Fused) made available by us is very cost effective. Used In : Refrigeration and food preservative Earthing purpose Cement paint manufacturing Cement and concrete additive Oil well drilling Agricultural industry Construction industry Dust suppressant Tire weighing Packaging Details : 50/40 Kg HDPE bags for Fused & Anhydrous Calcium Chloride with thick inner liners


Types Fused (75-80%)
Bulk Density 0.5 gm/cc
Solubility in water at 25oC 75g/100ml
Iron content by wt % 0.005
pH of 5% solution at 25oC 8
Alkalinity as Ca(OH)2 0.3
MgCl2in % Max 0.5
Matter insoluble in H2O (wt%) 0.2
Assay as Cacl2 75-80%
Size of the Material 0.5 - 1 inch